Friday, November 18, 2005


Item 1: Scott Eyre was signed to a 3 yr. $11M contract with the 3rd yr being a player option (But who'd opt out with that kind of change for a then 35 yr. old reliever?). Pricey, but a better signing than Remlinger a few years back. The Daily Herald has the Cubs spin on Eyre: He's only 33 (while Remlinger was 37 when signed) . . . apparently healthy (having beaten attention deficit disorder in 2002) . . . and gets left-handed batters out, something Remlinger couldn’t do.

While I do think this was a decent signing--something the Cubs have needed to do since, oh, forever--I see a few drawbacks. (1) Money. (2) As the S.F. Chronicle notes: "Although the Giants made Eyre's re-signing a priority, they privately worried about guaranteeing so much money to a 33-year-old who has thrown in 243 games over the last three seasons." And (3) Dusty Baker will likely see those numbers as a license to abuse--for which he needs no encouragment.

Item 2: On a more foreboding note,
Chipper Jones is willing to restructure his contract with the Bravos to save the team $15M over the next 3 years prompted by concerns that his salary is a drag on payroll (and perhaps resigning Furcal). What a stand-up guy. I don't like that.