Monday, November 14, 2005

Milton Bradley Talk

According to Phil Rogers, the Cubs have discussed acquiring Milton Bradley during the winter meetings. Bleed Cubbie Blue made some comments regarding this story that I just couldn't let go:

Again, this is the sort of player who Dusty Baker might work wonders with -- remember, Baker's strength has always been touted as being the way he works with players as individuals, getting them to produce their utmost effort for the team.

Did Baker happen to do this during the 2004 season? To my knowledge, Baker didn't "work wonders" with the likes of Alou, Farnsworth, and Sosa. If those three players are any indication as to how Baker can handle head cases, I'm not too optimistic about Baker being able to tame Milton Bradley. I think he'd have about as much luck as Andy Reid getting Terrell Owens to go to church with him.