Saturday, November 19, 2005

Paint the Northsidereport Orange...

Since the new guy to the Northsidereport seems to be geographically challenged and has forgotten he is Illini country, and insists on posting his remarks in MSU Fartan green, I am going to switch from my traditional Cardinal red font to Illini orange.

I'm willing to cut Mike some slack, not knowing too much about his background, maybe he is from Michigan and relocated to Illinois. I am well aware of what he is going through, as this time last season I was a displanted Illini fan living in the heart of North Carolina country. I proudly displayed my orange on game days, and when Illinois blasted then #1 Wake Forest by 20 or so, as shocking as this may seem I might have been a little unbearable to my co-workers, as I lived in Winston-Salem, home to Wake Forest. Then on the day Illinois played UNC for the National Championship, I got off work that day and went to a local Hardees for a quick supper to make it home for the game. I again proudly displayed my Illini t-shirt and hat. At the Hardees that day they were selling the UNC Final Four collectible items, and the lady that waited on me that day said "here's a guy who looks like he wants a North Carolina Final Four mug. " I simply said "no thanks", and we got a good laugh out of it.

When I started posting here on the Northsidereport, as a die hard Cardinal fan, I knew I was entering enemy territory. That's a role I love and cherish. Nothing brings more joy to a Cardinal fan that to rub the Cubs repeated futility in the faces of Cubs fans. However, I could always count on our mutual love for the Bears and the Illini to bring me and the other posters on this blog together. Now that's all out the window.

You see Mike, I don't blame you, you can enjoy the fact that our roles will be reversed now that the basketball season is underway. Enjoy it, while you can. Although I wouldn't start printing the MSU Fartans Big 10 Champioship t-shirts just yet. Enjoy all the pre season hype the Fartans are getting. The Illini are under the radar this year, but still a very deep and dangerous team. I am looking forward to the Big 10 opener with the Illini and the Fartans at the Hall, on probably "Paint the Hall Orange Night." After destroying the home court winning streaks of the Fartans as well as the Badgers last season, the Illini now have the 4th longest home court winning streak in the country. Good luck with that one. Just remember the Illini are defending Big 10 Champs and will remain that way until someone beats them. Not just last year, but 3 years in a row now they haved won outright or shared the Big 10 title. Sure the Fartans might win, but I highly doubt they will "dominate" as the Illini clearly dominated last season.

As long as I have known Chris, I always thought he was one of the smartest people I ever met, but now I am beginning to question the level of his wisdom, bringing a Fartans fan onto the Northsidereport. That's about as smart as getting drunk and going to a shooting range with Olin Kreutz, but I digress. I'm just along for the ride, and looking forward to it. So Mike, all kidding aside as I said last week, welcome to the blog, just don't go away and hide when the Illini destroy the Fartans.