Friday, December 09, 2005

The Communist Organization that is the St. Louis Cardinals...

I guess it would be safe to say that I am not too happy with the way this off season is going. In light of winning the division 5 out of the past 6 years, and drawing 3 million year after year, culminating in a record breaking 3.5 million last season (and they're looking to break that # this year in light of the new stadium). So what does this organization do? Apparently not only maintain their current payroll - they appear to be cutting payroll.

A few years ago the owners of my team b@#$@ed and moaned about needing a new stadium to increase revenue, so they could afford to put that money back into fielding a winning team. So now that Busch Stadium is a pile of rubble, that appears to be what the team itself is, a pile rubble. This is treason at it's worst, bordering on fraud and illegal, at the very least highly unethical.

Apparently Walt Jocketty and these owners are adament about overthrowing the free market system. They refuse to exceed their budget to meet what the market demands. The refused to add the extra million a year to land Burnett, they refused to pay the extra million dollars a year to re-sign Grudz. They are standing strong in their budget philosophy, regaurdless of what the free market dictates. They would rather field a 3rd or 4th place team than get involved in the spending that the free market establishes. You slice it up any way you want and that my friends is Communism at its best.

Now I am not saying we should be the Yankees or anything, but come on, a million dollars could have landed us the prized free agent pitcher on the market. Another million and we could have kept Grudzie, now we're looking at Aaron Miles as our starting second baseman - Aaron "freaking" Miles. Wasn't he the point guard for Kansas a few years back? All because they refuse to get involved in the free market. What do I call it? Communism my friends. Plain and simple, it's Communism that would make the likes of Joseph Stalin, and Fidel Castro proud.

The St. Louis Cardinals have become a Communist organization.