Friday, December 02, 2005


I am going to say this right here, and right now, and quote me on this, Walt Jocketty better know what the H-E-double hockey sticks he is doing with this offer to A.J. Burnett. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported yesterday, and confirmed by Tony LaRussa, that my beloved Cardinals have offered Burnett 4 years, with an option for a 5th year, and 41 million dollars, and could grow to over 50 million should the option be exercised. 50 million dollars for a guy who won 12 games for the Marlins and is a career .500 pitcher. It's not like Burnett won 12 games for the pathetic Royals, or Pirates-no he won just 12 games for a pretty good Marlins team. The same team that saw Dontrelle Willis win 22. Not to mention the injury concerns with Burnett.

Granted Burnett has tremendous potential, and arguably the best arm in baseball, and 10 million per season would be bargain basement should the guy ever reach his potential. I though, think we just offered 10 million per season to Kerry Wood.

If Burnett agrees to terms with the Cardinals and the rumors are true that that makes Marquis expendable and opens the door for this reported Marquis, King, and a prospect for Bobby Abreu then I think it would be a good deal. As long as the prospect in question is not Anthony Reyes. However, if we sign Burnett, then are unable to unload Marquis for an outfielder from somebody, then were stuck financially and could be looking at Taguchi and Rodriguez as are starting left and right fielder.

It's a gamble and could pay huge dividends, but could also really screw this franchise for the next 5 years. We already got huge commitments to Rolen, and Pujols. Not to mention what this contract could do to the Mulder contract that is imminent, next off season.

I got to trust Jocketty, who is one of the best and assume he has all this worked out in advance of the offer to Burnett. He better.