Wednesday, December 28, 2005


A supposed meaningless game with the Viqueens on Sunday has taken on new meaning, and could get pretty interesting if Viqueens Defensive Tackle Pat Williams doesn't learn to shut his pie hole.

"He's a joke, a complete joke, I haven't had any respect for him since he has been in this league," Williams said about Olin Kruetz in an interview with a Minnesota newspaper last month. Then this past week when the Pro Bowl announcements were made Williams agent acused the Bears players and in particular Olin Kreutz of organizing a black ball among other players to keep Williams out of the Pro Bowl.

What was Kruetz's response, well he called Williams "a fat slob", and when asked what he ever did to Williams, Kruetz just said "I don't know , I guess I made him mad somehow, I guess I stole his cheeseburger."

Wasn't it just a month or so ago that Kruetz broke the jaw of one of his own teammates Fred Miller after they got drunk and went to a shooting range together. If Kruetz would break the jaw of one of his own teammates, what do you suppose he would do to a member of another team. Especially one of the hated Viqueens. Especially one who keeps running his mouth.

Kruetz is widely regaurded as the best centers in football, and one of the meanest men in football. Personally I love the guy and he is one of my favorite players. He is certainly one guy you never want to piss off, as Fred Miller found out earlier this year. He's a throwback to the old days and doesn't take any crapola from anybody.

Needless to say I will be keeping an eye on this match up come Sunday afternoon.