Thursday, December 22, 2005


I heard this morning about James Dungy, the son of Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy being found dead in his apartment early this morning and to say I was shocked would be the understatement of the year. Two lessons to learn from this...

1) I once wore a t-shirt that stated "Football is life, the rest is just details." Nothing could be further from the truth. Life is so much more than football, baseball, a job, anything. Life is loving God with all your heart, and serving others.

2) Life is short, none of us are promised tomorrow, were not even promised the rest of today. 18 years old and this kid, still a teenager, and his life was cut short. The Bible says in Hebrews that "it is appointed for man to die once" . You see our time has been set, or appointed before time began, and no one knows when their time is up. The real thing to worry about is the rest of that verse "and then comes the judgment." The message to learn from this is I do not know when my time is up, am I ready for the judgment that comes afterwards?

I myself am 100% sure that I am ready to face the judgment that is imminent in my life. Not because I am perfect, far from it, I am ready because I have a personal relationship with the One who is. The One who paid the penalty for my imperfections (the candy coated, PC word for sin). The One who paid the penalty for my sin, is none other than Jesus, who is my Savior. I pray that you too would enjoy that personal relationship with Him. You too can be sure of what will happen when you face your "judgment".

Everything that I have ever heard about Tony Dungy is that he is a man of devout faith, and a dedicated family man, and I lift him and his family up in prayer. For peace and comfort, and a double portion of the grace and love of God. I pray for faith in the wisdom of God in his life, to know that God's plans sometimes are tough at first sight, but for him to know that "all things do work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose." God is in control of his life, and as ridiculous as it seems now, this will all work out for the best because God promises, and that is set in stone.