Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well anyone who has followed this blog with any sort of regularity will know my disdain for Jerry Angelo, as I have made it no secret of the fact that I think the Bears won't win jack until he is fired. My favorite website for crying out loud is, it's a great read for those interested in some of the bonehead moves he's made, since taking over our Bears.

I think his moves in the free agent market leave alot to be desired. John Tait last season was the big acquisition, and I guess he is ok, but for the money were paying him, I expect Pro Bowl. Muhsin Muhammad was the big signing this year, and I am beginning to think this dude couldn't catch a cold if he was standing outside, buck naked, in Alaska, with his hair wet. All I see him do is whining on the sidelines about not getting the ball, then he proceeds to average 3 or 4 drops a week. Our friend Jerry Angelo has yet to acquire a veteran back up QB, and that has all been forgotten thanks to Kyle Orton. Have the Bears even had a tight end since Emery Moorehead.

A few things I will give Jerry credit on, he really hosed the Dolphins on the Marty Booker for Adewale Ogunleye trade, however I think that just fell into his lap since Ogun was a hold out in Miami and the Dolphins were just trying to dump him to get anything for him. I think we also threw in a draft pick on that one but we still got the upper hand of that deal. Also two moves he made this year that is starting to pay off, 1) he didn't put Rex Grossman on IR and kept his spot on the roster in hopes of having him late in the season, and 2) he did the same thing with Bernard Berrian, who is really starting to develop into a decent reciever, and I think he has surpassed Moose as our best.

The one thing that I have noticed about Jerry, and I guess the main thing that irk's me about this guy is his draft picks, especially first rounders. Let's take a look at the first round picks Jerry has made since taking over in 2002...

2002-Marc Colombo
2003-Michael Haynes and Rex Grossman
2004-Tommie Harris
2005-Cedric Benson

The draft that really bothers me is the 2003 draft. We were holding 2 first round selections and remember we passed on Byron Leftwich, traded down and got Michael Haynes. I think it is safe to say that the Michael Haynes is a bust. He might develop for someone else, but he will never be more than a back up DE as long as he stays in Chicago. Rex Grossman was the 22nd pick, and all we really know about Rex is that were counting on him this post season, and that the past 2 years when we have counted on him, he has broke it off in us. I took a look at the 2003 draft and, in Jerry's defense, that draft was a joke. Really weak especially in the first round as Carson Palmer is the only guy really doing anything. Great names such as Dallas Clark, Andre Johnson, and Charles Rogers were taken in the first round, and that's just the names of the few guys I have heard of.

Now speaking of Jerry's draft picking ability, I will say this for him, he can really find the diamonds in the rough. He has some outstanding picks from the 3rd round on. Look at some of these guys and what round he got them in...

Alex Brown, 4th round, 2002
Terrance Metcalf, 3rd round, 2002
Adrian Peterson, 6th round, 2002
Lance Briggs, 3rd round, 2003
Ian Scott, 4th round, 2003
Justin Gage, 5th round, 2003
Bernard Berrian, 3rd round, 2004
Nate Vasher, 4th round, 2004
Leon Joe, 4th round, 2004
Kyle Orton, 4th round, 2005
Chris Harris, 6th round 2005

So in back to back to back years we got two Pro Bowlers, Lance Briggs, and Nate Vasher, and a possible Pro Bowler in Alex Brown. We also got a starting defensive lineman in the 4th round in Ian Scott. Not to mention a possible defensive rookie of the year this year (or might atleast get some votes) in Chris Harris, a 6th rounder. Not to mention Kyle Orton in the 4th round this year, who really saved our bacon. I mean he didn't light it up in the regular season, but come on had he not done so good in the pre season Lovie might have stuck with Chad Hutchinson. Dare we even think what might have been with this season had that happened.

So knowing this about our boy Jerry, and knowing that we will be picking so late in the first round this year (anywhere from 25-32, hopefully 32 because that means we will have won the Super Bowl) it wouldn't offend me if we just traded out of the first round altogether. Then we won't have another whining, 1st round, superstar, holding out of camp, crying about how much money he should be getting.