Friday, January 20, 2006


It seems the Cubs' parent company is having a similar off-season as the club. From Editor and Publisher via Michelle Malkin:

CHICAGO (AP) Shares in Tribune Co. tumbled Thursday after the media company
reported a 6.1% drop in revenue last month on declines in both its newspaper and
television businesses.

Tribune, whose holdings include 26 television stations, 11 urban U.S. dailies and Spanish-language Hoy, said December revenue fell to $539 million from $574 million a year earlier.

The company's stock fell $1.01, or 3.2%, to $30.80 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Tribune shares sank 28% in 2005.

Apparently, advertisers are finally giving up on the Left Angeles Times (Gee, aren't I so clever?), since nobody out here reads that daily rag any more:

Advertising revenue in the publishing division fell 4.5%to $333 million, down
from $349 million. The decline included a 5.2% decrease in retail ad revenue and
a 9.6% decline in national ad revenue, mainly at the Los Angeles Times.
Classified ad revenue edged up 2.5%.

But I know that the addition of Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones will turn this around in a few months:

Broadcasting and entertainment group revenue in December declined 11.9% to $126
million, compared with $143 million last year. Television revenue fell 10.1% on
weak ad revenue in most markets.

And is it me, or does this trend perfectly reflect the Cubs since their Bullish prospects of late 2003?

Down, down, down, down . . .

On the bright side, now would be a good time for a Cubs Blog Army offensive to purchase shares and take control of the club's future. Sorry son, it'll be a state school for you.