Wednesday, January 04, 2006

O's Reject Trade Offer for Tejada

The Baltimore Sun:

Two club sources said yesterday that the Orioles will not accept the Boston Red Sox's offer of All-Star outfielder Manny Ramirez, pitcher Matt Clement and cash for disgruntled shortstop Miguel Tejada

If the Orioles rejected this offer there is absolutely no way the Cubs are going to land Tejada. I might be eating my Nikes in a few weeks, but this just isn't going to be happening. These rumors are ridiculous. Here are some offers I think the O's would take for Tejada [some serious, most not-so-serious]:
  • the Cub corner infielders
  • Mark Prior, Rich Hill, Ronnie Cedeno, Felix Pie, and money
  • the children (or at least DNA) of 200 die-hard Cub fans who have "blind loyalty" encoded in their genes - the O's would just have to program them for the orange instead of the blue and could form an army of fans that would pack Camden Yards regardless of won/loss record
  • $120M and a pack of assorted nuts from Nuts on Clark
  • Rich Hill and Carlos Zambrano [as long as they can keep him away from e-mail]
  • Steve Stone (didn't he used to play for the O's - oh, wait, the Cubs fired him) and Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers
  • the recipe for Steve Bartman baseball stew
Additional suggestions are warmly welcomed in the comments section.