Saturday, January 14, 2006


That quote does have a nice ring to it it, doesn't it Bears fans. With a Jim Mora accent to it.

Unfortunately for the Bears they are doomed to failure before the game even starts. Why, you ask? Well it's simple really, they are doomed because I am a die hard Bears fan, which means they will lose in the post season. Let's look at my track record with my die hard teams (Bears, Cardinals, and the Illini) and their playoff performances...

1977-Bears lose their first playoff against the Cowboys
1982-Cardinals do manage to beat the curse and win the World Series.
1984-Bears lose NFC Championship to the 49ers
1985-Cardinals get screwed by the "Dink" in game 6 and blow a 3 game to 1 lead and blow the World Series to the Royals.
1985-Bears also manage to beat the curse and win the Superbowl.
1986-Bears choke at home in the playoffs to the Redskins.
1987-Bears get beat in the playoffs once again.
1987-Cardinals can't manage to win one freaking road game and lose the World Series 3 games to 2, to the Twins.
1988-Bears lose the NFC Championship game at home to the 49ers (again)
1989-Illinois gets hosed in the Final Four and loses to Michigan (who they beat twice in the regular season)
1990-Bears once again lose in the playoffs.
1991-Just when you thought the Bears were done screwing me, they do it once again.
1995-The Wannstedt led Bears win one playoff game in Minnesota only to lose to the 49ers for a third time in the playoffs. Did I mention that I hate the 49ers.
1996-Cardinals once again blow a 3 game to 1 lead in the NLCS and lose to the Braves.
2000-Cardinals lose the NLCS once again.
2001-Well the Cardinals got tired of hosing me in the NLCS so this year, for a little change of pace,they did it a series earlier and lost in the NLDS to the D'Backs.
2002-Back to normal for the Cardinals and they lost in the NLCS.
2004-Cardinals humiliate themselves by getting swept in the World Series and breaking a 80 or 90 year old curse to the Red Sox.
2005-Illinois joins in on the fun once again and comes up a few points shy of the National Championship, losing to North Carolina.
2005-Cardinals continue their streak of breaking my heart by losing once again in the NLCS.

So that brings me to tomorrow. I'm excited about the Bears being in the pa-pa playoffs, but pardon me if I don't seem too optimistic about their chances. After all I am a solid 2-17 in post season appearances by my teams (that's not even counting the many heart aches Illinois has given me in the NCAA Tournament-I just counted their two Final Four appearances). So here we go again.

I know what you Cubs fans are thinking..."well atleast your teams have winning seasons and are fortunate enough to get to the post season fairly regularly." To that I say, I have rooted for teams that have sucked and I knew it, everyone knew it and they lost, that's not near as painful as getting your hopes up then having them dashed right before your very eyes. Not even close in comparing the two.

So looking at tomorrows Bears game, I'm excited but not foolish enough to get my hopes up.