Friday, February 17, 2006

Sammy "Say it ain't" Sosa...

Well it appears that Chris' boy and longtime Cub icon, Sammy Sosa, has rejected the Nationals one year offer, and according to his agent, "doesn't want to go through another season like he had last year."

Why, what happened to the Cub legend? What, just because he can't use the juice anymore and cork his bat he don't wanna play. Let's take a look at some of Sammy's career numbers pre-cork bat incident, and his numbers since then...

According to Sammy has 8401 Ab's and hit a whopping 588 HR's for his career. Good for a HR every 14.3 AB's. Pretty impressive numbers I must say. However, let's look at his stats since the corked bat incident in 2004, he has hit a total of 30 HR's since in 658 Ab's, or 1 HR every 21.9 Ab's. Now I will admit that it has never been proven that a corked bat will help anyone to hit a ball longer, but they did outlaw it for a reason. You mix the cork bat he used his entire career, with the roids he was popping, makes for a pretty fraudulent career.

I get a kick out of Cub fans bashing McGwire and his apparent steroid habit. McGwire was always a tremendous power hitter, hitting a rookie record 49 HR's in 1987. Looking at Sammy's career you can see that the juice and the cork must have come along right about 1992 or 1993, interestingly enough right about the time he was traded to the Cubs (after all, I believe 4 of the 9 MLB players that have been busted for roids were former Cubs, atleast the last time I checked). Why do I say 1992/1993 time frame, well lets look at the numbers. His career high before 1992 was 15 HR in 532 Ab's, or 1 HR 35.4 Ab's. He hit 10 HR's once, and a few partial seasons with the White Sox, and Rangers, where his power numbers weren't pretty. In 1992, which was his first year with the Cubs, if I'm not mistaken, he hit 8 HR in 262 Ab's for a HR in 37.7 Ab ratio. Then all the sudden, out of no where, in 1993 he hits 33 HR in 598 Ab's, 1 in 18.1 Ab. This must be where the roids kicked in. I think the cork came along in 1998 when he had never hit more than 40 then all the sudden bangs out 66 HR's.

So Chris can argue all he wants about Big Mac and his steroids, but it is clear that Sammy was popping the juice as well. Not to mention Big Mac never got caught red handed, cheating like Sammy did with his corked bat. McGwire was always a great power hitter, even from his rookie year, Sammy was a skinny outfielder with little to no power before the juice.

The numbers don't lie, Sammay Sosa, the Cub icon was and always will be a fraud.