Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well I suppose our good friend Mike will be here shortly to rub it in, I must say I am surprised he has yet to post on the Illini choking away a 33 game home court winning streak to Penn St. I guess he has that right because this was an embarrassing loss to say the least.

What can you do but tip your hat to Penn St. and congratulate them? They rode out the storm of 3's and a 13-0 lead early on, played hard and won the game. Not to mention a gutsy call at the end, the correct call, but it still took guts to make that call.

Penn St. caught the Illini with their pants, or should I say their shorts, down. They were coming off a big win at Wisconsin and looking ahead to a tough road game next week at Ohio St. Tough loss, but there is a bright side maybe this loss will toughen up the boys and get their head out of the sky and re-focus on a tough schedule down the stretch, in the league, and post season.

Tip your hat and move on. Illinois played decent but Penn St. played great and deserved the win. No excuses or worries from this Illini fan.