Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Now that the winter olympics are almost over (praise God for that), and the Illini appear to be on their way to a first or second round loss in the NCAA Tournament, I'm really getting fired up about the upcoming baseball season.

I have yet to watch one single second of the Olympics, and judging by the ratings they are recieving, I'm not alone in that. I guess it's safe to say I am not a big fan of curling, ice skating, or skiing for that matter. I have absolutely zero interest in any winter olympic sport. I don't like the summer olympics much more, although at least they have basketball, boxing, and some of the track and field events are pretty cool - but still they are almost as bad as the winter olympics.

The truth of the matter is I haven't watched much of the olympics in years. I think the year was 1988 (I could be mistaken on that), but I recall watching Roy Jones Jr. totally dominate this Korean boxer, and lose on a decision by biased judges. The Korean was a bloody mess, and Jones barely even broke a sweat and he still was hosed on the decision. Jones did everything but knock the dude out, which is pretty difficult to do with the head gear they wear in amateur boxing, but he still busted his face all up.

When Jones got screwed, I knew then and there that the olympics were a fraud and ruled by the political agendas of a few. Especially in those sports where there is no real objective score but the competitors rely on subjective judging - Americans always get screwed. Sometimes it even occurs in those sports where a score is kept, as many will recall from the hose job the Americans received in the 1972 Gold Medal Basketball game against Russia, where a so called olympic official not once but twice put time back on the clock to allow the Russians to score the winning basket. You got the impression that this judge would have just kept putting time on the clock until the Russians won the game.

The fact that the Olympic committee stopped playing baseball and softball has done nothing to encourage me to watch, in fact it has done the opposite. The United States dominates these sports, especially the Womens softball team, which hasn't lost a game in world competition in years.

The Olympics are a fraud, and a joke, and that's why I choose not to watch. Some are now suggesting that the advent of cable tv and the ability to watch the many other sports is the reason for the low ratings. Years ago the Olympics were a big deal, and they were, in fact, the only game in town. I suppose this has a little to do with the low ratings, but for the most part I think it is just due to the games being a fraud, they're no longer fair competitions. They're not even real competition, the games are like WWF Wrestling, it's a joke.

That's why I am pretty excited about the World Baseball Classic. I am actually looking forward to watching. Partially because I am baseball starved right now, but also because I'm looking forward to the Americans kicking some foreigner butt. I was disappointed that Albert Pujols chose to play for his native Dominican team, but I think the US roster is still strong.

We got Derrek Lee at first, Chase Utley at second, Jeter at short, A-rod at third, Varitek behind the plate. The rotation is anchored by Roger Clemens, Dontrelle Willis, Jake Peavy, and CC Sabathia. The US bullpen is absolutely sick with Lidge, Wagner, Cordero, and Huston Steet ready to close out games. I'd hate to be trailing after the 7th inning against that group. Johnny Damon, and Ken Griffey Jr. shore up the outfield. Not too mention Mark Texiera as the DH.

That's a pretty formidable team to say the least, should be very difficult for anyone to stop the US Team. So I say go USA. I guess for a few weeks I get to be a Derrek Lee fan, and root against Pujols.