Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It just hit me, I have a great idea for a business that I think will make me a fortune. I am going to open up my own Jack Kevorkian assisted suicide business for all you Cubs fans that are ready to committ Harry Caray. Let's see for 100$ I will put you Cubs fans out of your misery and end it all.

With the Illini's predictable second round choke job in the NCAA (although a big, no I mean HUGE assist goes to the three idiots that must have won some contest and got to be refs for a NCAA game. Well let's just call it what it was-we got screwed and lost to a pathetic team in Washington who made 5 baskets in the second half, thanks to 39 free throws compared to our 11). That's right I called Washington pathetic, and if Jay Bilas and Dick Enberg would have atleast stopped slurping Brandon Roy long enough they might have realized that he only made 4 field goals in the whole game. Brian Randle shut him down atleast until the refs bailed him out and put him at the line where he scored 12 of his 20 points. Along with those that, the Bears appear to be willing to settle for the team we got right now, they have signed nobody and I mean nobody, all while being 23 million dollars UNDER the salary cap. They offered Randle El like 5 bucks an hour if he wanted to come home to Chicago, no wonder why we missed out on him. I guess we got the team we got.

I can understand the rational thinking of Jerry Angelo, and when you think about it it makes perfect sense...if we actually improved the team especially the offense, who knows we might actually get to the playoffs again, and then once we got there we might actually maybe win a game, and then once we won one game we might get some momentum built up and go to the Super Bowl, heck we might even win the Super Bowl. That would be great but then once you do that other teams will be raiding your roster looking for free agents then we will have to give everyone a raise to keep them so screw it let's just keep the guys we got which is pretty much the same roster we had the year before when we finished 5-11, settle for 1 trip to the playoffs every 5 years or so, please don't actually win the game just make the playoffs so we can raise our ticket prices and sell more tickets. We wont have to pay anyone and we can stay 23 million under the cap. Collect out 100 million dollars from the league every year in TV revenues and make a fortune. We can go 5-11 every year, have the 4th over all pick and keep drafting running backs who idolize a pot smoking, new age-idiot, who bails out on his team and only decides to return when he finds out he will be forced to give back all the money he stole from the organization.

On second thought, I might be my first customer..