Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well, I may have been a little hasty in predicting earlier that the USA was going to win this deal.

Don't get me wrong, I think the US team is very solid but I saw the first few innings of the Dominican/Venezuela game yesterday, and there is no doubt the Dominican lineup is extremely solid.

In fact I think this may be the best lineup ever assembled on one team, including All Star Games. How would you like to pitch to this...

Alfonso Soriano 2b
Miguel Tejada ss
Albert Pujols 1b
David Ortiz dh
Moises Alou lf
Adrian Beltre 3b
Jaun Encarnacion rf
Ramon Hernandez c
Willy Tavares cf

That's just freaking ridiculous. That's 2 MVP's, 3 Rookies of the Year, and a combined 164 HR's last year FROM THE FIRST 4 GUYS IN THE ORDER. The rest of the lineup aint too shabby either.

I am not too sure about the Dominican's pitching staff, they had Bartolo Colon pitching yesterday, so I think the US definitely has the edge in pitching and they're going to need it going up against this lineup.

The US bullpen is sick with Lidge, Cordero, Street, (I think Wagner pulled out) - but that's still an imposing threesome in the late innings. If we're ahead after the 6th, forget it - game over.

The Dominican lineup is ridiculous though. It's going to be very tough to beat that. Early in the spring anyone will tell you that the pitching is ahead of the hitting, but that didn't seem to matter to these guys when they get 11 runs off of Johan Santana, Carlos Zambrano, and a very strong Venezuelan pitching staff.

Needless to say I am seriously hoping for a USA/Dominican match up. I must confess it was a little heart wrenching to be happy when Derrek Lee hits a homerun. I'm also looking forward to a Pujols /Lidge battle.

You have to admit these great meaningful games are a lot more interesting than watching some Class A stiff with numer 89 on his back striking out against some other bum you never heard of, with a bunch of pitchers jogging across the outfield.

It is officially baseball season. Praise God.