Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, Hendry's contract can be rescinded with a big "Psych!" from the Trib-brass, now that Lee has just been inked to a 5 year deal worth $65m [Actually, as Chuck over at Ivy Chat notes, the 5 year deal essentially includes a $5.4m raise this year ('06) and $13m over the next 4 ('07, '08, '09, 10)]. This is the right move, locking him up for the long term. But this is only what Hendry should have done; no monumental accomplishment like downing a box of Krispy Kremes during the 7th inning stretch. It isn't as if Lee indicated he wanted to stay--oh wait, he did. I'm not, however, a big fan of no trades clauses, which this contract apparently has. Better to bump up the salary slightly than be stuck with an oft-injured, low-producing, former stud that cannot be moved . . . Kerry Wood anyone?

Hendry has stumbled and bumbled this off season--with only his Enron-Christmas-Party type spending on the bullpen being somewhat redemptive. Although he had to do something there too. He sat on his hand (not hands because he had to hold the donut) while he watched Furcal, all the decent Right Fielders, and all quality starting pitchers being "snatched up" (a bone for the pre-mills out there and a chart for the uninitiated). We're left with Jackie "I hit once a week whether they need me or not" Jones and the personal injury firm of Miller, Prior, Wood and Labrum. Throw in doing everything in your power to alienate your only legitimate #2 hitter and offensively productive second baseman--the living, bearded quote machine--and that's the inept GM trifecta. Outstanding Jim, you almost did the bare minimum. Now let's hitch our wagon to Dusty for another couple of years too.

But, of course, I'm not bitter about any of this. Now where did I put those donuts?