Monday, October 23, 2006


Well it has been some time since I have posted anything on the blog, pretty busy with school going in full swing, not to mention some computer problems. At any rate I have extra time this week because I am on my regularly scheduled "The Cardinals are in the World Series so I am going on Vacation" Vacation.

Being motivated also by my good friend Chris' message he left me on my cell phone about the Cardinals could be the team with the fewest wins to win the World Series. To that I publicly respond by saying "who cares". That's true, who cares, except for maybe bitter jealous Cub fans, especially those who have never had the pleasure of seeing their beloved Scrubbies play in a Fall Classic, where as I being the youngest poster on this blog have now got to see the Cardinals playing in 5 of them.

I must say my feelings are mixed so far in this one. Going into it I was hoping to not have to re-live the debacle of 2004. Chris insists the 2004 World Series was a choke job by the Cardinals, I disagree. We just ran into a buzz saw in that series and we never led at any point in the 4 games, that is no choke job. My definition of a choke job would be getting 5 outs away from your first World Series in decades, with a lead, with your ace on the mound and imploding after one of your own fans interferes in a game a denies your left fielder the chance of catching a fly ball. Then ultimately getting your bootay spanked the next night to finish off the mother of all choke jobs.

Saturday night I was just hoping to not have to re-live 2004, and was pleasantly surprised at the pitching performance of Mark Prior's college team mate at USC, and getting game 1. Then I began to get greedy and thought man if we could steal game 2 and go home up 2-0, with Carpenter and Suppan set to go, we will be in great shape. It wasn't meant to be when the ghost of Don Denkinger appeared in the shape of Kenny Rogers and "smudge gate".

I was 10 years old when the Dink screwed us in 1985, and remember it well, and I got that same feeling watching Kenny "George Brett" Rogers, the camera man beating scum bag cheat his way through a masterpiece. We got beat by a "clump of dirt" and a pitcher clearly on the juice. Not to mention footage showed the same clump of dirt on the same spot on his hand in his 2 previous outings in the postseason. Listening to the "Gambler" or "Cheater" in his post game press conference he clearly is a man lying through his teeth. The story changed three different times in a three or four minute interview.

At any rate we move on to St. Louis satisfied with a split against their best 2 pitchers, with our worst 2. Now we get to see what Detroilet can do with Carpenter and Suppan who is one of the biggest big game pitchers in the past decade or so. Jack Morris, Clemens, Smoltz and Suppan. He may not be flashy but I don't know any other pitcher going today that I would want in a big game. As attested to by his 15 innings, 1 run performance in the NLCS. Not to mention he out pitched Roger Clemens in game 7 of the 2004 NLCS. And he didn't even have a "clump of dirt" on his pitching hand.

So I got mixed feelings, excited we got out of there with a split, but bummed out by last nights game, especially to see Kenny Rogers get away with his obvious cheating ways. But I like our chances in the next 2 but that means nothing.

Cub fans should be pulling for the Cards for 2 reasons, maybe a World Championship by your arch rival will motivate the tribune to spend some cash and build a winner, and also you could say you won the season series against the the World Champions. I know most fans would not take much from that but when your relegated to pulling for the Cubs you gotta take small victories when you can get 'em. I would gladly help you Cub fans out and take a ring, even if it means being the team with the fewest wins to win the World Series.

On a side note I will admit I might have to start watching the Scrubbies again, should make for good TV watching Pinella flip out on a daily basis managing these hacks. Between him and Zambrainless, should make for some real exciting tv. I predict by the All-Star Break Lou is in a straight jacket and a padded cell.