Saturday, April 24, 2004

10-6; First Place; Without Prior

Nice game today - Maddux pitched decently and we jumped into first place. The top of the third inning was a key moment - the bases were loaded, there was one out, Mike Piazza was at the plate, and I was grumbling out loud about what a lousy pickup Maddux was (that's when my wife reminded me how excited I had been when the news broke that he had signed with us - oh well, we're fickle fans - what can we say). And what happens - I almost can't believe it, but Piazza hits it back to Maddux who dishes it to Bako who throws to Lee for a double that prevents a run - unbelievable! Then Maddux strikes out Cameron (yes the same Cameron who homered in the previous inning off of Maddux) to end the inning - Whew!

It's nice to see Maddux settle down (but let's remember who he was throwing against) - but I'm pretty sure I am still going to be nervous next time he takes the mound (and having a Mitre-Maddux 2 day combo now that Woody is following Maddux isn't going to help any of us sleep well on those days these two are pitching).

Woody's Curveball rates #2

Woody's curveball rated #2 (behind Mariano Rivera's cut fastball) at ESPN's 10 best knockout pitches:

Like Nolan Ryan, the Texas gunslinger whom Wood emulates, the combination of a 95-mph fastball and a hard-breaking curveball presents a lethal combination. Not many pitchers throw an over-the-top curve anymore, as the slider has become the breaking pitch of preference. But Wood not only has the 12-to-6 break, he also throws it nearly as hard as some lesser pitchers throw their fastball. "That hard, sharp break is filthy,'' says one major league manager.

Back to the books!

As you can see my compadre Camden has been doing most of the posting as of late - I am in the midst of a doctoral seminar that is absolutely killing me! Oh well, I'll be listening to the game tomorrow on the radio as I crank away on the laptop. Let's go Woody!