Tuesday, February 22, 2005

ARAMIS forever
So far it seems to be all goodness and light in the Cubs camp. Everyone is upbeat as they have always been at this stage. Even Mike Nadel of Copley News, who I am beginning to think is Bipolar where the Cubs are concerned, is talking about the new post-Sosa prospects.

One thing that keeps gnawing at me is now the Cubs are talking alot about how important Aramis Ramirez is to this offense with the departure of Sosa and Alou. Agreed. So why is it that after the Sosa departure was official we saw them sit down and complete the deal to give Aramis a ONE year contract? If he does put up the breakout superstar year that we are all apparantly expecting him to deliver in order to get this team into the postseason, he will only be more expensive to sign next year. I don't get it. Anyone?