Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Serving up the news you just won’t find elsewhere in the CBA…

Apparently the Cubs are ranked (appropriately I think) as the #4 biggest loser this winter according to SI’s Albert Chen:

4. Cubs

As I see it, Chicago had two goals this winter: 1) Get rid of Sammy Sosa and 2) Strengthen a bad bullpen. Cubs GM Jim Hendry failed to do both. It shouldn't be any surprise that the Cubs haven't found any takers for Sosa, who will be a massive distraction throughout the summer. That they were unable to upgrade their bullpen should raise eyebrows. LaTroy Hawkins and Joe Borowski remain their best options to close games, and until Hendry nabs a bona fide closer, his Cubs are good enough to win the NL Central but not good enough to reach the World Series.

And unlike the hit reality show by the same name, the operator “loser” isn’t being used in a positive sense here.

Perhaps we can take solace in the fact that the Astros are ranked as the biggest loser, and that (inexplicably) Chen thinks the Cubs can still win the division even though the Cardinals offense is still pretty formidable and Mark Mulder now heads an improved Cardinals rotation. Perhaps that is why Mr. Hendry and the other folks at 1060 W. Addison are optimistic while we continue to sulk in our pessimism.