Monday, October 24, 2005

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

I see a lot in the press about how Cubs fans must be going crazy that the White Sox are in the World Series and having great success so far. Apparently it is also a good thing that the Cardinals were eliminated, otherwise we would have all hung ourselves by our jock straps before we would have allowed ourselves to be subjected to a White Sox-Cardinals World Series.

I take a different view on this. While I would certainly prefer to see my Cubbies in the World Series, I can't think of a better alternative than having the White Sox there. You see, my enemy is the ownership of the Chicago National League Ball Club, Inc. Presumably the White Sox are also an enemy of the Cubs, which makes them my friend.

The way I see it, Tribune Company, Inc is going to continue to put mediocre crap on the field until something happens that shakes their perfect little world. The world where beer in the sunshine and a mediocre team is all that is required to fill the stands every day. If the SOX can do anything to embarrass these people in to getting serious about fielding a winner I am all for it. I don't know how many Northsiders would be tempted to turn their allegiances southward, but I pray for as many as possible. Not because I hate the Cubs, but because I love the Cubs and want to see a winner on the north side before I die. And I don't want this for myself, I'm sure that most Cubs fans out there in blog land are wondering, "will it happen before I die?".

My father was an usher at Woodruff field in Peoria as a young man, and watched Phil Cavaretta mature in the Three-I league before going on to be a star with the Cubs. He wanted to see those guys he watched growing up win a World Series. Never did. Dad passed away in 1996 without every having seen it.

My father-in-law was born in 1913. Having grown up in the farm country south of Chicago he became a Cubs fan at an early age. Like many many others, he moved to Peoria to work for Caterpillar just before WWII. Somehow or other though he got tangled up with a girl from Peoria who was a Cardinals fan. Despite that Cub-Cardinal marriage, it endured for forty-six years, with a lot of jibing about the Cardinals' success, and only death separated them. Dad went to his grave last year without having seen his beloved Cubs even get to a World Series for 60 seasons, much less win one.

The suffering has to end. So I say anything that will embarrass Cubs ownership into action is fine by me.