Monday, October 03, 2005

Tracy out as Dodgers Manager...

Jim Tracy and the Los Angeles Dodgers parted ways today, which is especially interesting in light of the rumors earlier this year that Dusty Baker was interested in the L.A. job.

I would love to see Baker go.

Worst Possible Scenario...

Well the Cubs season ended as one might expect - with a loss and with the Cubs once again proving themselves to be an utterly impotent team unable to make any impact with regard to the post-season.

As the post-season unfolds Cubs fans are faced with the unhappy prospect that the wretched White Sox could end up facing the Cardinals in the World Series - and I cannot imagine a scenario that would be worse from a Cubs fan perspective.

Our season is done, and so the only thing any of us have to hope for now is the White Sox and Cardinals to share in our misery. I'm pulling for the Braves in the National League and the Angels in the AL.

What about the Cubs prospects for next year? They have major problems - they need another quality starter (Greg Maddux is now nothing better than a serviceable #5 starter), they need a right and center fielder, and the bullpen needs middle and late relief help.

Apart from that - everything is peachy. If this team doesn't make significant moves in the off-season - they will fight for 3rd place again while they watch the pitching window for this current staff close for good.

Remember - this page predicted that there was major cause for alarm with regard to this team as it was constructed before the season ever began.

Next year promises to be even more uncertain unless Hendry makes significant moves (like the Mets did last year - a team that was, unlike the Cubs, in the midst of the playoff hunt until very late in the year).