Monday, August 22, 2005

In case you haven't already seen this...

Andy Dolan, from Desipio, absolutely cracks me up!

Since he correctly points out that the only things we have to root for now are someone spoiling the White Sox and Cardinals seasons in the playoffs, we need a bandwagon of convenience to promptly jump on.

And his criteria in this regard is too funny - which of the teams in the hunt are the least objectionable!


Well, I am in agreement with him - the Phillies are the least objectionable team for the truly cursed of the earth to jump on the bandwagon and root for during the remainder of this season (although I think the Braves are an acceptable option as well).

Randy, don't you wish that you could join the ranks of the truly pathetic? Instead of rooting for your team to do well and make the playoffs, you could be reduced to hoping for the worst for your main adversaries year after year!

A little schadenfraud now and again is just what the doctor ordered to cure the melancholy that plagues Cubs fans annually.