Thursday, December 01, 2005

Aubrey Huff in RF?

The Cubs just completed one trade and are possibly on the verge of a 2nd - they sent Jermaine Van Buren to Boston for a player to be named later, and they also are apparently entertaining offers from the Rockies about Todd Wellemeyer.

Are these precursors to an eventual trade which ships the PTBNL's to Tampa for Aubrey Huff in Right Field? Tampa knows they can't afford Huff next year - and perhaps they get to take their pick with regard to some young prospects among the ptbnl's.

I suppose hoping for Manny to be involved rather than Huff is just a little too much?

In any event, there are 2 large gaping holes in the corner OF spots and either type of move (but especially the latter) would certainly make a significant difference.

Stay tuned.

HT to the astute baseball moonbat for the news items concerning Wellemeyer and Van Buren.