Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I was almost right...

(Note: The following post has been necessitated by an infelicitous prediction of a Padres sweep over the Cubs made last Thursday by yours truly): Before the three game series with the Padres began I expressed concern that the Cubs might get swept due to the combination of questionable pitching (Maddux, Mitre, & Rusch) and anemic run production - and I want to point out that I was [partly] right - there was a sweep. Before the finger pointing and recriminations begin (from the 2 authors/readers of this blog), let's not overlook this important fact - a sweep did occur just as I predicted! And if you stop to think about it, how many people successfully anticipate a series sweep and have the boldness and temerity to actually put such a prediction in print? Not bloody many - and the reason is obvious - such bold predictions have a way of coming back to haunt unsuccessful prognosticators. But lest we forget - I called for a sweep, and just as surely as I am holding a broom right at this very moment, a sweep occurred. If you think about it, in an important sense I was right! Yes, I predicted a sweep and a sweep did indeed occur - I just happened to have the teams reversed - but why let a minor detail like that smear a successful series sweep prediction?!

Actually - I was simply dead wrong on this one, and I just wish that every other error in judgment felt as satisfying as this one. The amazing thing about this is that had I known the lineup that Dusty was planning on fielding during the series - I would have been even more adamant about the prospect of a series sweep by the Padres! Macias & Martinez were in while Walker and Sosa were out! I don't know what kind of voodoo Dusty has been working - but with Macias hitting .533 against the Padres and Rusch putting up 1.93 ERA against them he needs to keep it up! Anyway as great as that was - let's ditch the voodoo magic thing for our home series against the Giants and Cardinals and get Walker, Sosa, and Wood back where they belong!

I'll be at the Cardinals game on Saturday - let's hope the Cubs bats give us something to cheer for!