Friday, January 21, 2005

Welcome Bill and Randy…

The Peoria Northsider Report is pleased to announce the addition of Bill T. and Randy D. as new contributors to this blog. Bill is an Electrical Engineer who lives in Peoria and he has been a Cubs fan longer than the progenitor of this blog has been alive (!). Bill and Chris actually get together every week and discuss the finer points of the grammar and syntax of Classical Hebrew (we are currently reading through the Hebrew text of Ruth). In fact, we probably spend the first 20 minutes of our weekly time talking about the Cubs and then we get down to the business of Hebrew.

Randy is a very good friend of mine, and that is in spite of the fact that he is a life-long Cardinals fan (we are patient with him in light of the fact that he is a Bears and Illini fan)! He currently lives in North Carolina, although he hopes to get back to the promised land of Illinois in the next year or so. We have invited Randy to participate here in order to get his perspective on the Cubs from an opponent’s perspective, which we think will be unique and which we believe will add to the quality of the commentary you find here. Perhaps Randy will publicly share about some of his experiences with Kerry Wood and the "Shooter” in a Hotel in St Louis a number of years ago :-)

In the next few days we will be conducting a Peoria Northsider Report Roundtable discussion on a number of important topics and questions, with each of the contributors providing their answers to a set of questions.