Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Frustrated in Peoria…

I love Randy – our resident Cardinals fan who posts on this Cubs blog under the sub title “FROM THE RED STATES” - and I really enjoy his insights, but if you look at the last 4 posts, this blog is quickly turning into a Cardinals blog and I hope the other two alleged bloggers who profess to be Cubs fans are reading my frustration as I write this [AHEM].

Randy God bless you, you’re making us get off our rears and pound out sheer pabulum if nothing else.

SO, as a self-respecting Cubs fan (ok maybe self-loathing would be more apt in light of how the season is going), I simply had to post something, even though I don’t have much to say. So here we go: The Offense is Outrageous – the Bullpen is…well, they’re just plain Bad – and the Defense has been nothing short of Disastrous – but other than that – everything’s been peachy.

If you noticed, alliteration is about the only thing I can manage right now in my current state of mind - so please bear with me.

Oh yeah – the dude on this blog who has been the most positive about the Cubs team this year is a Cardinals fan! What the @#$%! does that tell you about the sorry state of this team? This team has only managed an 8-6 record their last 14 games and it’s been against the Pirates, Astros, Nationals, Mets, and White Sox – and of that bunch only the White Sox figure to be a legitimate playoff team if they can keep up that pitching (and yes interleague play is a joke and totally unfair as Randy pointed out. Six games can be the difference between making the playoffs and not - and this year [like the last] the Cubs have gotten hosed).

Oh and by the way, the Cubs’ record drops to 9-8 if you include the 2 out of 3 they dropped to the hapless Phillies in the series prior to the Mets – then it plunges to 9-11 if you include the sweep by Milwaukee, and then it gets even worse (10-13) if you trace their record back to the Astros series where they dropped 2 of 3 to what is turning out to be a really really bad team.


The pitching has been a problem – especially the bullpen. However, as bad as it's been, it's not the team’s most pressing concern. The number one concern has been (before the season ever began I might add) and it continues to be a consistent lack of offensive punch and until Jim Hendry adds a few legitimate power bats to this roster this team is going to continue to disappoint.

That’s a fact and all of the hoping against hope isn’t going to change it. Just watch it play out my friends.