Monday, August 01, 2005

After the Cubs lost that 4 game home series...

against a sub .500 team, they can now reach 92 wins - if they win every one of their remaining 18 series. Here's how it would look for them to win out their remaining series and get to 92:

win 2/3 vs. PHI
win 2/3 vs. NYM
win 2/3 vs. CIN
win 3/4 vs. STL
win 2/3 vs. HOU
win 2/3 vs. COL
win 2/3 vs. ATL
win 2/3 vs. FLA
win 2/3 vs. LAD
win 2/3 vs. PIT
win 2/3 vs. STL
win 3/4 vs. SF
win 2/3 vs. CIN
win 3/4 vs. STL
win 2/3 vs. MIL
win 2/3 vs. HOU
win 1/2 vs. PIT
win 3/4 vs. HOU

That gets them to 92. For every 4 game series they split or 3 game series they lose, however, the total possible wins decreases by one (unless they make it up by a subsequent series sweep). I've also bolded the series that will be particularly challenging for them to win. I think they will be challenged to win more than those series, of course, but at a minimum, those series will be particularly challenging.

I hope everyone realizes how hot this team will have to be to get to 92 wins. They will have to be extremely hot - they will have to play .684 baseball (i.e., they will have to go 39-18 from here on out). And in case you are wondering - the White Sox currently sport the best record in all of major league baseball, and they currently have a .660 win percentage for the season - a record that is .024 below what the Cubs will need to play from here on out to get to 92 wins.

And, to top it off, they need to hope that the 5 teams in front of them in the Wild Card chase don't go on a similar tear.

Isn't it nice to see where the highest salary in the National League has left us this year?!

Now, rather than end on a depressing note, here's a post about one Cub fans' experience in 1989 that hopefully will make you laugh as much as it made me laugh!

His experience that day (especially how it started off so promising and ended so painfully) is a perfect metaphor for the miserable existence we all endure as fans of the only truly cursed team in baseball!