Monday, May 22, 2006

Survey: Two questions about the 2006 season

A few days ago I stated that with the Cubs 2006 season about wrapped up, it only remains to be seen if the Sox will repeat, and if that will have any positive effect on the Northside. I think there is a good chance that the Sox will repeat and I think we all know that it will have no effect on how the lovable losers are managed.

That being said, I would like to get your opinion on two interesting topics.
1) The Cub brass will at least have to make it look like they care about this fiasco. So who will be the scapegoat for the 2006 season? Baker? Wood, by way of not re-signing him? other?

2) Okay, a bone for Randy. :) How many home runs will Pujols hit this year? And since he's presumably not doing it with steroids, how's he doing it?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Revisiting pre-season prognostications:

I hate to tell you that I told you so, but...

I published the following post on this page December 20th of last year - just after Jacque Jones was signed to a 3 year deal:

That sound you just heard...

was the sound of the Cubs 2006 season flushing down the toilet. You see, the Cubs just inked Jacque Jones to a 3-year deal:


Why are prospects for next season swirling down the johnny as a result of this signing?

Because it signals most of all that Jim Hendry just doesn't understand the extent of the problems with this team as it is currently constructed and managed.

This is not a team on the cusp of playoff contention in need only of minor improvement (and it is arguable how much improvement [if any] Jones provides over the underwhelming Jeromy Burnitz).

This is a team that is deeply flawed - and deeply flawed on a number of levels. It is especially flawed in terms of offense (or lack thereof) - but it is also a team that has a very questionable starting rotation. That's never a good combination. It's certainly not a team that will contend.

Here's the bottom line - Jacque Jones isn't the answer to what proved to be an absolutely horrendous (from an offensive standpoint) OF last year. The offensive production was downright offensive last year, if you get what I mean. And Jones isn't going to substantially improve things.

In fact you can write this down - because it comes from a baseball realist - this team as presently constructed will struggle to finish third in the division next year (and that's assuming no injuries).

You don't like that prognosis? Go over to fantasy land and get your fix of continually deferred hope. For my part, I don't deal in fantasy - only reality - and sometimes it really does bite folks.

I suspect that Jim will tell us in the near future just how "satisfied" he is with the team as presently constructed. Just like last year in fact. He was satisfied with what he had then - in fact he was pretty sure the club could "survive" when Wood, Williamson, and Garciaparra returned in early August. And that turned out splendidly as we all know.

And to be honest, I don't know why he wouldn't be "satisfied."

After all, who isn't satisfied with fourth place in the division!

It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the team Jim Hendry assembled was destined for failure. Looking forward, what will be particularly revealing is how this team will continue to ring up losses at an alarming rate even after the return of Wood and Prior.

Monday, May 15, 2006

What a fool looks like..........

Obviously there is nothing more to say about the 2006 edition of the Chicago Cubs. The prophet Christoper has proven to be as accurate as Isaiah. This is getting embarrassing, and I've been a Cub fan for a long time. Tooo long. Looks like the highlight of the season will be Pierre's robbing Bonds of # 714 (temporarily). The only questions that remain are: will the Sox repeat; and if so, will that add enough embarrassment to drive change on the north side? The answer to the first one is "maybe", and to the second one "I doubt it". Mediocrity has been perfected and transformed to profitable success on the north side. I don't believe Tribune Co. wants to change that. Since there is nothing more to say I'll just shamelessly sign off with a personal picture documenting too many years of yearning. I suppose Randy would call me a "ledgie". But a fool seems more appropriate.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well I have said it once and I will say it again, "the Bears will never win anything until Jerry Angelo is fired." In the weeks leading up to the draft I kept hearing that the Bears have zero needs because we were returning all 22 starters. In my own mind, I was thinking that this was simply pre-draft pandering on Jerry's part to increase any possible trade value he might be considering. I was thinking he possibly couldn't be so stupid to not see any needs on offense. He couldn't be so stupid to realize that 11 returning starters on defense was good, because we had a good defense. However, 11 returning starters on offense was bad BECAUSE WE HAD THE 31ST RANKED OFFENSE IN THE LEAGUE. So in other words they sucked last year, but we got tham all back again this year, and in Jerry's mind that's a good thing. He couldn't be that stupid.

I learned a valuable lesson, never underestimate the level of stupidity in the front office of the Chicago Bears. I was wrong, Jerry Angelo is that stupid.

I heard leading up to the draft that we had no needs, we don't need a tight end, we don't need a wide reciever who is capable of getting down the field and catching the ball, we don't need a few lineman to back up our AARP squad we got on the line, no we need defense.

I will be the first to admit that another cornerback was needed, but there was so much on offense that we needed more. At the 26th pick the Bears had their choice of tight ends. I personally would have been aggressive and tried to move up and get Vernon Davis, but even at 26 we had Marcedes Lewis, Fassano, Klopfenstein, or my personal favorite Leonard Pope, who we passed on 3 times. Instead, we traded down into the second round to get the third round pick we gave away for Ricky Manning, and used that to draft another cornerback. Real shrewed there. Then even another cornerback in Devin Hester, with our original pick in the second. In all 5 of our first 5 picks are on the defensive side of the ball, and we finally picked a lineman and a fullback in the 6th round.

Thank the Lord we are set with such a solid offense that we are in for another great season.