Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome to the north side crazy Lou!

As many of you know by now, the Cubs have brought crazy Lou Piniella on board to manage the national league ball club from Chicago.

Although some rather influential members of the CBA regard this as a negative development, we do not share that opinion.

Crazy Lou's arrival suggests that Lou himself believes that the organization is able and willing to do what it takes in the near-term to get this team back into playoff contention since Lou [reportedly] wasn't interested in long-term building projects.

Now whether Lou's belief is justified remains to be seen (clearly there must be some doubt due to the Herculean nature of that task).

At the very least though, the Cubs must have done a good job convincing Lou that they are serious about taking the necessary [and no doubt dramatic] measures to fix this miserable team.

Then again, they just installed a salesman as team President.


Well, even if none of that pans out - at the very least some of us frustrated Cubs fans can derive vicarious satisfaction through Lou's public tirades when things start heading south (as we know they inevitably will).

That’s worth quite a bit to fans who have little else to grab onto.

Lou embodies the "we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!" ethos better than anyone else, and as such he is the consummate fan's choice to manage this incompetent team.

When Lou overturns a table in the clubhouse, we will feel as if he had overturned that table for us.

Turn over another one buddy!

When Lou rips up 1st base and throws it into right field, he will be throwing that base on our behalf.

Go throw 2nd into center crazy Lou!

When Lou kicks dust repeatedly onto an ump after a bogus call, we will be screaming lustily for more dirt to be kicked due to the many years of travesty that we have suffered from umpires, players, managers, and the inept organization itself!

Kick some more dirt for me!

If nothing else, I will sleep better at night knowing that someone very near to the top is as torqued-off as I am at the way things are going.

I would, however, suggest that everyone in the clubhouse keep their wallets in sight.