Friday, September 01, 2006

I don't have a clue why I'm bothering with this, but here goes.

Now that it is September, we can begin the traditional look-ahead to next year. Even with my advanced years, I can not recall a season like this one, where we could have launched this topic in May. But, since it is now OFFICIALLY September, we begin a short discussion of Cubs 2007, hopefully to be followed by the Blog being hijacked by Football season.

It looks to me like blame for the 2006 season will be placed on the resident imbecile in the manager's chair rather than where it should be, with the tag team of Hendry & Ownership. Be that as it may, I do look forward to ANYONE who dines on something other than toothpicks to be pacing the dugout next year. A lot of pundits will predict that it will be Peoria boy, Joe Girardi, who may escape the "living soap opera" in Florida. I wouldn't mind that. The only down side is that I hate to see a good, standup guy like Girardi become the next person everyone in Chicago hates. That would truely be misdirected hatred.

I would talk more about the players coming and players going, but time doesn't permit that right now. So I'll turn this column over to the readers, if we still have any.