Monday, August 09, 2004

Peter Gammons on the mind...

Check out this interesting tidbit from Peter Gammons at ESPN with regard to Nomar Garciaparra:

Will he sign with the Cubs? Probably. He can take a contract with them that he could not have reconciled himself to taking with the Red Sox.

I like the sound of that. I'll admit - the fact that Garciaparra turned down 4 years @ 15 million per year had me skeptical the Cubs could resign him - but then again they didn't create the extreme animus with Nomar that Boston did - so perhaps he can be signed by the Cubs. We can only hope.

In other news...

Three-time Gold Glove shortstop Rey Ordonez will join about 9,000 people in U.S. citizenship ceremonies this week. Ordonez, who defected from Cuba in 1993 and has played for three major league teams, will be sworn in Wednesday at the Miami Beach Convention Center. "It was time to become a citizen since this country has given us the ability to improve our quality of life," Ordonez said Monday. Ordonez was cut by the Chicago Cubs last month and is not sure if he will play again. "Sports is a career in which you can be productive for a while and, at a certain time, your career just ends," Ordonez said. "Right now, it looks like it's ending."

We can only thank the high heavens for that!


Mike Comar of the Cubs Pundit is apparently upset over some people in the Cubs Blogger Army who have been slamming poor old Sammy.

Mike - no one doubts he is a hall of famer. No one doubts he has been incredible for this franchise for many years - but right now he is hurting this team batting in the 3 or 4 spot - and until he gets his old rear end closer to the plate and starts striking the ball more consistently - he needs to be moved down in the order where his strike-outs will be less likely to strand base runners. How low will his BA & OBP have to slump before you and Dusty Baker wake up and smell the coffee?

Blind loyalty might endear you in the hearts of some but it will send this franchise straight down the dumper.