Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Interesting Review of Cubs blogs...

This happened over a week ago, but in case you missed it, Kurt over at Cub Fan Nation has posted an interesting review of many of the Cubs blogs, and this little minnow of a Cubs blog actually received attention:

The Peoria Northsider Report - An interesting blog that gets overlooked. These guys are insightful, analytical, and colorful (in more ways than one), but, as much as I hate to say it, their blog looks kind of dull. I wish they would put together a few bucks, buy a domain, and design their own site. Looks aren't everything, but I believe they help.

We are small potatoes in the Cubs blog world - no doubt about it. We receive probably 1/20th of the daily traffic that a site like Chuck Gitle's Ivy Chat gets - and probably 1/40th of the daily traffic of the eternal optimist. We’re content with that – nothing earth shattering going on here except a few friends exchanging friendly barbs back-and-forth. We’ll leave the really insightful stuff to the whales of the Cubs blogosphere.

By the way, Kurt's review of The Cub Reporter expressed my own sentiments exactly:

The Cub Reporter - This site remains the most popular (and I believe it continues to grow in that regard), but I rarely read it anymore. I feel like it has lost its' personality. Also, to be honest, I remain a little offended that they cut other Cubs blogs from their links. It's one thing to cut the inactive sites, it's another thing to discard the others for reasons I can only assume are "snotty." So, these days, the Cub Reporter is not a must read. In fact, I think it sort of sucks. (Don't get me wrong, guys. I still think the Cub Reporter is better than CFN or GROTA. But it's not at the same level it used to be.)

I especially agree with the sort of sucks part.

Daily must reads for me are (in order of importance): 1) Desipio (this guy is one of the funniest cats around); 2) Ivy Chat (Chuck, I don’t think you belong in a sewer, although Kurt’s comments had me laughing for a while :-); 3) Bleed Cubbie Blue; 4) 1060 West; 5) Cub Fan Nation (our new best friend); and 6) the aggregator over at SportsBlogs.