Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Will It Take to Get Bobby Abreu to the Cubs?

In light of this story, it seems they don't have any lack of ambition:

According to National League sources at the winter meetings here, the Cubs asked the Phillies yesterday what it would take to pry away two-time All-Star rightfielder, Gold Glove winner and reigning Home Run Derby champion Bobby Abreu.

The answer: Mark Prior.

The Cubs didn't say yes.

But they didn't say no, either; at least, they haven't so far.

Keep dreaming Phillies fans.

That story also goes on to discuss the potential for a more reasonable trade:

If the Prior deal doesn't work out, the Phillies might try one that includes Abreu and Cubs workman starter Jerome Williams - but with serious sweeteners that could include lefty prospect Rich Hill, 25. Hill's status could be shifting from untouchable to movable. He went 11-4 with a 3.31 ERA and 194 strikeouts in 130 2/3 minor league innings last season, though he was 0-2 with a 9.13 ERA in 10 big-league appearances.

I could live with a trade like that. The outfield is (and has been) the #1 concern in terms of offensive production. In fact the offensive production of the Cubs outfield was downright offensive, if you get what I mean.

If this organization doesn't seriously address that substantial problem - you are going to be looking at another 4th place finish in the division Cubs fans.

Also (and I could be wrong about this, of course), I think the Cubs should rethink their position on Garciaparra - especially after the Furcal disaster.

Yes it's risky - but if the risk pays off and he does stay healthy (that injury last season was freaky) he would be a fine hitter to have in that lineup.

The Yankees are apparently a possible destination for Nomar.

Why not? They've already got 2 all-star ss's on their lineup. Maybe Cashman can work toward fielding an all ss team - remember that Izturis will probably be available sometime early next season as well in light of the Furcal signing.

On another note, the Phillies are not going to offer arbitration to Kenny Lofton. The Cubs ought to take a flyer on him - I think it's low risk and he hit very well last season. I think he's still got some gas left in him - and I still have memories of 2003 whirling around in my head I guess.

And by the way, while I'm at it - Jim Hendry needs to go to the Omar Minaya school of general management, because this is second straight season he has been out-general-managed (I think I just invented that word - sounds cool though huh?) by the Mets GM.

The Mets have steadily built a playoff contending team while Hendry has let the Cubs stagnate. This is shaping up to be another sorely disappointing offseason folks.