Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Red States Randy in Cubs Glory...

Ok - here are the long awaited photos of Red States Randy (the resident Cardinals fan here at our blog of the truly cursed) sporting that glorious Cubs hat that he rashly vowed he would wear last season if Derrek Lee beat Albert Pujols in even one of the three triple crown categories:

That's a close-up of Randy - I think he looks rather happy wearing that hat - don't you?

In fact, I'll bet that after seeing these photos he wishes he would make rash vows more often.

Here's one of Randy in his natural habitat conversing with a fellow simpleton (i.e., Cardinals fan):

As you might be able to tell from these pictures, Randy is a rather large fellow. In fact, he was an offensive lineman for a NCAA Division I football program (on a football scholarship no less) when he was in college.

That's one of the reasons I chuckle when I see commentators on our blog leave insulting or sniping comments to Randy's posts.

I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have the fortitude to say to his face the sentiments they occasionally leave in the combox.

Oh well. Randy - thanks for being a good sport! And if you care to make any more hasty vows in the near term, we're all ears my friend!