Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tejada out... Preston Wilson in?

You never know with regard to these types of rumors - but this one has an air of plausibility. Tim Dierkes over at MLB Trade rumors is reporting that the Tejada for Prior deal is apparently dead (thank-goodness), and also that the Cubs are close to signing Preston Wilson to play Right Field - which then means that Jones will platoon with Murton in LF (a good move in my opinion - I'm just surprised that Hendry's paying someone $5 million per for a platoon situation).

Here's the money quote from Dierkes' piece - he has Hendry and the Cubs pegged:

It seems that the Tejada deal is dead and the Orioles have rejected the Cubs' offer. Cubs GM Jim Hendry is looking in another direction for some added power in the lineup, and Wilson is his type of player. By that, I mean that Wilson is an affordable outfielder with average to below average plate discipline. He's a career .264/.333/.478 hitter.


I guess I should be happy that Mark Prior isn't going to be shipped anywhere. This still isn't an offense that will frighten anyone - which means that the starting rotation (and bullpen) are going to have to be near perfect for this team to compete next season.

Current Peoria Northsider Report Cubs 2006 Playoff Percentage Meter (CPNRCPPM): 30%

And oh yeah - was anyone else annoyed by that awful blue field at the MPC Computers Bowl at Boise yesterday?