Thursday, January 05, 2006

Greatest Team ever?

Of course you know that this post cannot have anything to do with the Cubs with a title like that.

I am referring to the recent ESPN series on the 2005 USC Trojans. I have to admit that I thought that this series that ESPN ran in the run-up to the Rose Bowl which compared the 2005 USC squad to the "ten greatest college football teams of all time" was a joke - especially May's and Herbstreit's perspectives.

These two clowns had USC beating every one of the top ten except one (Herbstreit picked the 2001 Miami squad to win a head-to-head between the two, while May picked the 1995 Nebraska Team as the lone team able to beat the mighty Trojan squad of 2005).

I thought (while the series was unfolding and Herbstreit and May were slobbering all over this current USC team) what an irony it would be if this greatest team ever couldn't even win their upcoming contest against the Longhorns from Texas.

The whole thing seemed premature at the very least, since USC still had to beat Texas in the Rose Bowl. Since ESPN didn't run a concurrent series comparing Texas to the 10 greatest teams of all time, it's apparent who they expected to win.

Was Texas justified in feeling slighted before the game was even played? I certainly think they were, and even though I expected USC to win the game - I'm glad that ESPN (and especially Herbstreit and May) got egg on their face as a result of this farce.

Perhaps this will teach them to be a bit more reserved with regard to presumptively anointing modern teams as "the greatest ever" - especially while they still have games to be played.

Oh - and if any of you would like to purchase this toy for me - I promise to use this space to say really nice things about you for at least the next year.