Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well I'm bummed about the ND game - I was hoping for a different outcome as an ND fan. I have only 2 comments after having watched the game:

1) Is there anything more hideous looking than the Irish defense? That defense is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c! The secondary is a disgrace. Every game we see the offense desperately trying to overcome the points given up by the defense. I hope we see more from the D next year.

2) I hope and pray that Weis can find someone to replace the kicker Fitzpatrick. Extra Points should be automatic at a D-1 school like ND (as should FG's inside 40 yards). This guy almost cost ND the Stanford game and he did blow a 34 yard FG against either MSU or USC (I can't remember which) that would have been the difference in the game. Anyway - please tell me that the Irish can get a reliable kicker for next season's championship run (they should be pre-season top 10).

As for the Cubs - I like the rumors I've heard lately from the MLB Trade Rumors site about the Cubs interest in Zito. Getting him would firm up a questionable rotation and raise the 2006 Peoria Northsider Probable Playoff Meter 30 percentage points - it would then level off at a whopping 60%.